Synthos S.A. is a European chemical corporation, and a key player in the global synthetic-rubber market.

We are the biggest producer of expanded polystyrene (EPS) in Europe, and the biggest manufacturer and supplier of XPS boards in Central Europe.
Our operations are focused on the key segments: synthetic rubbers, insulation materials, crop-protection products, and dispersion agents and latexes, and are primarily based on the sales of chemical products to be used as raw materials and process intermediates in a wide range of industries, particularly the automotive, packaging, and construction industries.

To meet the diverse needs of our partners, we have created Synthos Direct, which provides products from our portfolio in quantities precisely tailored to the demand.

We sell first-grade products, as well as off-specification materials and raw materials, at very-affordable prices.

Synthos Direct is available exclusively to companies and sole traders*

Feel free to place orders using the Order Form.

*Synthos Direct does not do retail sales (to individual customers)