Synthos XPS

XPS PRIME S is the most-recognisable product in the XPS PRIME family. It owes its popularity to the very-wide range of applications and high quality which have enjoyed the unwavering recognition of customers for many years. XPS PRIME S is a modern thermal-insulation product, which is an extension of the Synthos XPS white panel, appreciated by customers in many countries.


Synthos PS

Synthos PS, polystyrene (PS) made by SYNTHOS is used as a raw material for the production of packaging for food products, beverages, disposable dishes in the fast food industry, consumer goods and packaging. It is also used for electrical appliances, electronics, for audio-video media packaging, laboratory and medical equipment. It can be used as a raw material for the production of toys, parts for furniture, automotive, electrical and machine industry.


Synthos EPS

Synthos EPS is a white polystyrene with excellent thermal and mechanical properties, intended for the thermal insulation market. InSphere is a line of high-quality products which have been popular among our clients for many years. Products based on InSphere are characterised by exceptionally high thermal insulation, and because of it they are more environmentally friendly.



Woodmax® adhesives are synthetic, based on poly(vinyl acetate) dispersions, also referred to as white adhesives. Synthetic adhesives are an almost exclusive agent used to bond wood and wood-based materials. PVAc based aqueous adhesives are thermoplastic adhesives, which become elastic at higher temperatures (above 50°C) and subsequently become plastic. Due to high wood and wood-based products adhesion, quick bonding, no negative environmental impact and easy application, PVAc adhesives are used mostly in door, window, stairs and furniture manufacturing.



We offer ESBR rubbers for tyres, inner tubes, conveyor belts, hoses and various technical rubber products, and HSR rubbers for floor coverings, cables, toys and footwear. We also sell NdBR rubbers based on neodymium and lithium catalyst for advanced passenger car and truck tyres, and SSBR rubbers based on solution polymerisation technology for high-performance tyres.


Polystyrene foam board (EPS)

Polystyrene foam board (EPS) from testing line.


Raw materials and packaging

We supply production raw materials from surplus stocks, off-spec materials, production by-products, and packaging. All products are available at very-attractive prices, with short lead times, and in quantities to meet requirements.


Synthos S.A. is a European chemical corporation, and a key player in the global synthetic-rubber market.

We are the biggest producer of expanded polystyrene (EPS) in Europe, and the biggest manufacturer and supplier of XPS boards in Central Europe.

To meet the diverse needs of our partners, we have created Synthos Direct, which provides products from our portfolio in quantities precisely tailored to the demand.

May I place an order with Synthos Direct if I do not run a business?

No – Synthos Direct is not in retail sales.

This is my first order. What information is required?
  • Company-registration document
  • Correct delivery address
  • Details of the contact person at the place of delivery
I placed my order using the form on the website. Will it be fulfilled straight away?

We do our best to fulfil your order as soon as possible. Each order must be confirmed by a Customer Service Representative. If you haven’t received an email confirmation within 24 hours, please contact us.

Are orders delivered?

Yes, delivery is available within the EU. Shipping costs are determined on a case-by-case basis.